So, our January holidays are sadly at an end and for many it’s that feeling of head down as we move into the rather serious feeling ‘get things done’ part of the year. If you have been able to keep up your fitness and life balance over the holidays, then give yourself an extra little smile of appreciation. Not just a smile, pour yourself a glass of bubbles and make your loved ones give you a toast! You deserve it!

And if you let it go, smile as well, because this is now is your turn! Just as I believe no spiritual effort is ever wasted, I truly believe our cells have their own memory. They retain a history of your past commitment to ourselves. And this is great news. Because it means your body has the positive imprint from that those cross country runs you did as a child (I swear taking a short cut while running around the base of a Canberra mountain was the only time I ever cheated at school – and I got caught!) Your core muscles remember how to squeeze from those aerobics classes you did in your twenties, and body remembers how to move from the swims and dances you did after that! So while you might feel a little clunky coming back, it means it will be easier than you think to get back on the wagon.

Your Time to Shine is Now

Consider these key factors of your life balance: Friends, Family, Health, Work and Spirit.  Well, if they are all balls you are juggling, remember that the work balls are made of rubber and will bounce if you let one go, but all the others balls – friends, family, health and spirit, are made of glass and they will shatter when dropped. So, pick them up and let’s get moving together!

I am so excited to share so many life enhancing things with you over these next weeks. There’s something for everyone of every age and at every level and for every desire in this newsletter so do read on!