Relax like never before!

Yoga nidra is a guided deep mediation that some believe is the most ‘scientific’ of relaxation processes. The reason Yoga Nidra practice works so well is that it ‘speaks’ to you on five different levels – the koshas.  The koshas are they layers of which we are all made, according to yoga physiology.  So during this session you will learn a little about the koshas and discover why yoga nidra is so effective at getting you do feel so very good.

Yoga nidra is an excellent energy enhancer for a busy life. And it’s a wonderfully healing way to connect in with yourself which in turn will soothe anxieties and boost the mood. Yoga nidra is an easily accessible bridge to developing a deep love and appreciation of yourself.

You will learn a new savasana (relaxation) set up using props we don’t get time to use in regular group class and which will trigger your body to relax. We call it the ‘deluxe set up’.

What You’ll Get

  • Discover the hows and whys yoga nidra works.
  • Learn what happens to your body under stress and how to prime yourself for relaxation.
  • Feel supremely comfortable with our extra special set up using abundant props
  • Experience a 45 minute long guided relaxation
  • Feel amazingly rested and ready for possibly the best sleep of your life.
  • Create the space to connect with the purity of your spirit with that inner knowing that, even if everything isn’t perfect, things can actually still feel perfect as they are right now.
  • Take away resources to recreate these feelings at home

Who will benefit from this session?

Anyone who: works hard, plays hard, is a parent, is in a relationship, lives in Sydney in 2020, has a chronic illness, has low mood, needs more focus, wants healing, needs more rest, wants more energy, feels wired, feels tired, or needs to down regulate or recalibrate their nervous system. In short, every human on the planet can benefit from yoga nidra!  Each participant will come away with their own resources to repeat this practice at home.

Date: Friday March 27th
Time 6.30-8pm
Investment: $40 (Book before 1 March for the Early bird discount) (Members $30)

Fairlight Seaforth Yoga Pilates Classes for Weight LossFacilitator:   Christina Brown has been teaching yoga since 1996. Her students comment on how they are lulled into relaxation by her calming voice. Her husband may occasionally disagree. 😊