Our last soundbath event (which was in the hammocks) sold out and had our guests in awe.

This DECEMBER 11th event is an earthed experience where we will use the support of props to help clear energy meridians, release tight muscles and open to receiving love. While Kim’s sounds flows through your body.

Let this healing bath of sound wash through you as your brain waves dip into delta and theta states over 90 minutes of slow supported stretches.  

The immersion of sound bathing can stimulate many benefits on the body, mind, & spirit. With the resonance of bowls and gongs, you will be guided through a journey of vibration. This eases your mind into a state of relaxation, balance, rejuvenation, as your parasympathetic system restores you into a state of deep bliss and healing.

Fee: $45 ($40 members)

Book here and don’t forget to sign up for the class here.