Freud asked this. Our men, sometimes exasperated, ask this. Often we know what we need, sometimes we might be unsure. Being completely honest I am too naturally impatient to enjoy most poetry. But I did love this piece by Glennon Doyle, a woman with a pretty interesting life story. Its totally works for you blokes too 😉

I want a minute to take a deep breath
I want rest, peace, passion
I want good food and true, wild, intimate sex
I want relationships with no lies
I want to be comfortable in my own skin
I want to be seen, to be loved
I want joy and safety for my children and for everyone else’s children
I want justice for all
I want help, community and connection
I want to be forgiven, and I want to finally forgive
I want enough money and power to stop feeling afraid
I want to find my purpose down here and live it out fully
I want to look at the news and see less pain, more love
I want to look at the people in my life and really see them and love them
I want to look in the mirror and really see myself and love myself
I want to feel alive.

Looking over this list, I am proud that classes at Transform give us sips, slurps, and even deep dives to bathe in many of the above points.  I am so pleased I get to work in my passion which keeps me in alignment with lots of the above too. It came up in conversation with one of our gorgeous Transform members just two days ago. She was assuming that teaching uses up a lot of energy. But I explained how much teaching gives me.  Because the energy from such positive and wonderful members bounces right back at the teacher.  (I think you’ll find it works like that for all of our teachers too – we receive so much just from teaching you guys!) So thanks to you guys. And let’s keep connected even as we continue distancing. Though I heard two days ago Sydney currently has no Covid hotpots (yay!), we remain vigilant. We always have good spacings in our classes and are continuing our Covid safe practices.

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