Katie will be taking over Wednesday evening Yin. Petra will move her yin class to Fridays at 11am

Katie’s yin classes evoke the feeling of being truly  present in the moment. As Katie’s student you will feel her mindfulness through her calm spirit and soulful teachings.  Her classes will elevate you so you will float happily out the door. Bliss!


We welcome Rebecca to Wednesday evening Pilates.

Super experienced, Rebecca has been teaching fitness (including teaching other instructors) for most of her adult life.

Rebecca is classically trained, however she likes to bring an element of athleticism to her Pilates classes that will challenge students, and offer opportunities for growth. She believes balance is the key to life and this philosophy underpins her workouts, which are always balanced between the core, hips and back, plus a well-designed stretch.

Rebecca brings a wealth of teaching knowledge to her Pilates workouts, and with her meticulous instructions, you are sure to feel muscles you have never felt before.

This knowledge, combined with routines set to music, make Rebecca’s classes fun and something to look forward to each week.