I’ve been doing some health housekeeping this week. A fallen filling while flossing meant a dentist trip today. I have had some knee scans and made follow-up appointments. It’s felt good to use this week of the pandemic productively. Things that will save me time once Sydney reopens again.

It’s felt good because it was a step in TAKING CHARGE.

I realise how important these smaller steps are right now. When it feels like things are OUT OF CONTROL (ie government restrictions), IT HELPS TO TAKE BACK A LITTLE CONTROL (decide to get a knee scan).

In the spirit of this, I invite you to use this interesting chapter in our lives to do a little housekeeping on your mind to move yourself into Positive Pandemic Living.


(Fabulous Offer and Your SPECIAL OFFER)

Transform is proud to partner with top Mindset Coach Helen Uskovic. To support our members we are offering this 4-week program is in response to the pandemic and is a holistic view of being conscious at PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE such as: Family, Friendships, Relationships, Physical Health, Mental Health, Wealth, Career, and Personal Growth.

This 4 week course is for you if you:

  • are affected by the lockdown
  • are losing MOTIVATION
  • would love to make a POSITIVE CHANGE
  • want to BETTER YOURSELF and your life
  • want to be surrounded by a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY of high vibe people for the next 4 weeks!


  • 60-minute virtual coaching sessions, Tuesdays 7:30pm from August 24
  • Fun weekly tasks
  • Meditation / Hypnosis / Mindfulness
  • Breathwork

This program is designed to help you learn the techniques that to take control back and live a more joyful life during this time. USUALLY VALUED AT $999.00, however, we are sponsoring this and offering it COMPLEMENTARY TO YOU AS A MEMBER OF OUR BEAUTIFUL TRANSFORM COMMUNITY.

We want to support and uplift you as much as we can through this time and forever.

Register for this class the usual way on our website or your Transformapp. Then lookout for an email from admin@transformyoga.com.au once you’ve registered for this class.

I hope to see you there, and let’s floss our mindset and get alignment in body, heart, mind and soul!