For the next three Saturdays we are hosting special guest teacher Lara Adler who, in her clear, kind and meditative way, will be leading a YIN RESTORATIVE AERIAL YOGA CLASS.

It’s an exquisite experience. With hammocks lowered close to the floor you will enjoy slow, deep, restful stretches and the support of all of your curves. This is not a fancy tricks class so you won’t be swinging or flipping out. Instead, let our soft silky billowing hammocks soothe your soul and float your heart. Over the hour your brain waves move towards meditation and each class closes with the experience of being held and nurtured in your cocoon

If you are curious about aerial but have been a little fearful to drop into a class, come along as this is surely the kindest, gentlest and easiest way to find out for yourself about the love of a good hammock! Lara expertly guides her students into a profoundly meditative experience.

BOOK EARLY ! This special series of restorative yoga classes will to be held each Saturday February 2, 9 and 16. 11.15am -12.15pm . You can come to one or all of them. It’s priced as a regular aerial class which means you can use your class pass if you have one, or come casually at $30 per class. Do book early to save your spot in case it fills up.