Connect. Release. Expand.

​The intention for our Circles is to create a very special intimate gathering for women to come, connect and experience the wonderful magic that happens when we do our Breathwork and embodiment practices together, in circle.

Allowing our inner wisdom, knowing and deep reconnection to flow through.

You will be guided by Lynsey – your host through a sensual and supported journey and breathe a conscious connected breath rhythm to open and connect with your body and it’s energy.
Your job is to simply breathe, relax and enjoy a deep surrender of the breath and journey of releasing old patterns, raising your vibration with the movement of breath, and from this place of bliss, imprinting new ways of being.

The experience will be combined with music, movement and touch to heighten the senses and will end with a short sound bath for further relaxation and healing.

Spaces are limited so do get in touch with Lynsey to book. 

Text her 0420 459 776 or email her at

Know more about this workshop here.