This Friday, in the company and presence of other beautiful sisters, we will be supporting each other to imprint our experience of living in our divine feminine POWER.

The intention is to create a very special intimate gathering for women to come, connect, and experience the wonderful magic that happens when we do our Breathwork and embodiment practices together, in circle.

Allowing our inner wisdom, knowing, and deep reconnection to flow through.

We begin these sessions with some sharing, energetic release, breath techniques and/ or meditation.

Once we have met and named what is present amongst us, we drop into our individual Breathwork experience, lying down on mats where your Breathwork Facilitator, Lynsey Chan will guide you through a sensual and supported journey and breathe a conscious connected breath rhythm to open and connect with your body and it’s energy.

For booking, please text Lynsey at 0420 459 776 or email her at