It’s fascinating how 2020 has brought us together. I witness our collective mood changes.  Like a slow moving wave, our mood rises and falls together. I watch as events wash through us and we lift and lower in unison. And yet I notice how we seem to be taken care of. I love abundance. I love the Northern Beaches. I love our people. I love my work. In this all there is a sense of flow. When the collective mood tightens, like it did last fortnight, our class numbers drop a little and people have more space. As it loosens, as it has done this week, the numbers bump up a smidgen (Just so you know, our class numbers are always capped so people still comfortably spaced.)

Cleaning for Clarity

I consider the psychology of cleaning a beautiful thing. It is cleansing to the mind too. And it helps keep things sparkling.  I really like that great ‘just flossed’ feeling. A nicely scrubbed wall gives peace. A glossy sink is a thing of beauty.

We submitted our Covid Safe Plan and Registration back in June. And thank you everyone for listening to your teacher’s guidance (who is also your Covid marshal) as you layout your mat, and for washing your hands on arrival. And for spraying down the props you’ve used. And thanks for remembering to socially distance as you move through the studio. Please do remember to bring two pillowcases and a towel for every yoga class. And if you can, your own mat to each class (except aerial). And thank you all for only attending when well – I have not heard a single sniffle or cough since we reopened.  (and if you are unwell but need a class, do use our online library)

Mindfulness and Positivity

A man from Melbourne, having been though lockdown twice, and who feels like his bin goes out more than he does, told radio listeners this week,  ‘A positive attitude is infectious and a negative attitude it wildly infectious.’  So I want to share something from the team at Positive Psychology. This links to some wonderful mindfulness podcasts so check it out.

“The journey to greatness often begins the moment
our preferences for ease and comfort are overpowered
by our deep desires for challenge and contribution.”

– Brendon Burchard

This is a terrific quote for 2020. On so many levels. For me, it really suits this week. Conquering my fears and discomfort, I am about to sign up for singing lessons (!!) It’s on zoom, something I never would have considered pre-2020. But we are all zoom experts now aren’t we?! And hey, it will get the ball rolling and save me driving to Berowra every week. I just want to have confidence to chant my yogi students out of savasana. When Lauren does it, it always gives me goose bumps. And I want to share the love like that too.  So bring it on I say. Let’s all do our best to move into the end of year with mindfulness, positivity and seeing the wonderful quality in our lived experience.

See you all on our wave,