This week our timetable has been less regular than usual. It’s unprecedented – With several teachers on holidays, we have had a few others under isolation so I apologise to you motivated healthy people who found your class taken off the schedule. (I feel so disappointed too as I work hard in December planning to ensure every class is covered during the holiday season. And they all were… until this week changed everything ☹)
We understand many of you are in and out of iso orders. We thank you for not attending classes at this time and to support you we are offering:


  • MORE LIVESTREAMS, at MORE TIMESLOTS and we will now include Circuit Pilates live too. Even if you can’t attend live you get the replays emailed valid 2 days. Livestreams 7 days a week, (7 mornings and 6 evenings per week)


  • Gold and VIP members have always have access to our online library of nearly 100 classes from 30-60 minutes long. We are opening access up to our No Strings members too – look out for your email on this which should have arrived and do check your junk email for access details. If you need assistance, write and Laiza will help.


  • All in studio classes will have MAXIMUM of 8. As we are on 100 square metres, this will give each person loads of space. This means it is important to prebook your classes to avoid disappointment. If you do not attend and you cancel inside the one hour preclass window you may be charged a non attendance fee as lack of notice prevents us filling your space.


  • We are keeping fresh air through with the front door open and air con moving fresh air in.


  • Going forward, we ask your understanding as our staffing levels fluctuate due to holidays and isolation orders. Sometimes we won’t be able to find a cover class in this unprecedented situation.


  • If staff shortages persist, to spread our teachers through the busier classes, we may cancel classes if they have three or less students booked in. This is temporary and the classes will be back when more of us all can come back.


  • Mask wearing is still essential immediately before and after class times.  Do consider a mask during class too and please continue to use the QR code.
Stay well everyone and remember, exercise is good for keeping us strong and helping us relax as we move through so many changes.  Physically, relaxation is a gift to your physical immune system and also makes you mentally resilient.


Thank you for bearing with us as we move through this unprecedented start to our year.