Oh the Sweetness! With ecstatic delight, we are so pleased to be able to see you Monday

Over 30 Classes Per Week, 7 Days

We cannot thank all you incredible people enough for supporting our Transform Live Classes.

106 days of physical closure will pain any business. For those who were able to remain on as clients through the crisis, I can never convey in mere words the gratitude, love and thanks I feel. Without you, Transform may have become a memory.  Instead, we endure! We are so pleased to be part of your present and your future.

THANK  YOU           THANK YOU           THANK YOU

Thank You, dear teachers who enthusiastically jumped onboard the zoom waves. You SHINED!  Your fully vaxxed teachers will see you soon!

We’ve Listened!

Many of you have loved your zoom cocoons. You have enjoyed the flexibility, being home based …. and not needing to commute after savasana (!!) Based on your requests, we will continue to offer some livestream classes until demand might wane.

In-studio classes are currently limited to 12, 13  and 16 people so please be sure you book the correct class on the app.

If you are booking a morning livestream class, please try to book it the day before so you don’t miss the link. For evening classes, please do your best to book early -at least a couple of hours ahead if you can. I would hate for anyone to miss out.

We will soon be refreshing our on demand library so if you crave a class at 2 am, we will have more classes for you! If you are a No Strings or Gold member, do let us know if you want to upgrade to continue access to your favourite teachers with our online library


……………..Just jump online and book your classes please. Bring a mask to class and the first time, your vax certificate. Bring two pillow cases to yoga classes and byo blanket to yoga if you need one.

Did you Borrow Props?

We will need these back by Wednesday 13th. Please pop your props in a bag with our name and drop them in to the studio when a class is running. On Monday we will be there 7.15am – 2pm and 6.15pm-8.15pm

Refer Us Please!

We’ve all been saving lives by staying in.

Now…. it’s time to help save your local businesses as they reopen.

We are grateful for your support. Besides booking in your own classes, we’d appreciate you spreading the word if you have friends we can help

Our Classes are Ready to Book

Our Covid Protocols

We will be following the government guidelines. It’s all about being double vaxed, using the QR codes, sanitising on entry, bringing own props where possible, spraying down the hard stuff, using your own coverings over our soft stuff, and respecting all our guests distancing needs.

We are busy behind the scenes – cleaning, washing, sanitising and preparing the studio.

We are ready for you and are ecstatic to welcome you in person.