If you are feeling a little fatigued this December, know that you are not alone. We notice an energy slump every year in this month and to be honest, this year it started a whole week earlier than usual. So for this month we are putting more stretches in our Pilates and even more TLC in our yoga.

Our aerial will still give you that uplift you seek and our cocooning will be longer.

My internet searches tell me the average person consumes 5000-7000 calories on Christmas Day. (that’s many time more than the, say 1500 a typical woman needs) So do keep your movement up and fit your classes in to your schedule. It might be a great opportunity to try a different day/teacher/class type!

You deserve THE BEST this Christmas  (and beyond) ~ And we are so happy to help you keep healthy over this holiday season.

We can’t wait to help you CLOSE THE YEAR IN HEALTH
(and OPEN THE NEW  YEAR in positivity.)

Do you ever thing about how many cells you have made while you’ve been in class? It’s many millions! And each of these cells have been made with the POSITIVE POWERFUL ENERGY OF YOUR REMARKABLE INTENT. what great cells to have!!

Our Christmas timetable will soon be up online and open for bookings.

Thank you to all our wonderful and much cherished friends for your support and loving over 2021.