December is such an interesting time. Here on the northern beaches we can feel a natural internal split – The need to be still, to feel free, while at the same time wanting to be out enjoying the Summer weather and longer days. We have the lure of the usual Christmas events and all those other gatherings to make up for all the social events we have missed out on this yea and that we’d feel sort of guilty to miss.

Yes, we are all so thankful to have actually made it through 2020!

Yet as we speed up and hurtle towards the Christmas, we can get out of step with our inner needs. It feels harder to take that rest our nervous system really needs and the then fatigue factor creeps in.
So during this December month, how can we get to enjoy both our ‘worlds’, inner and outer? The good news is that it is possible to have both by staying connected to yourself. We do this by slowing down and keeping up with those activities that feed our soul and keep us in the present moment.
Sometimes, we even need to give ourselves permission to forgo that invitation – a tough challenge between deciding to let another person down and to let ourselves down. The mental struggle between your system craving rest yet having been conditioned that not stopping will make you more productive. But it is important to choose wisely and remain firm in your commitment to keep your inner world, your heart, mind and soul in a happy balance. You will feel a new sort of freedom, like you haven’t given away your life cheaply and that it is truly your own life to run. So this December do keep back a little time for yourself. Schedule time for what keeps you topped up – rest, balancing exercise and good sleep, and take them completely guilt free.

My top tip for the month is to make time for one of our restorative yin sound bath class, Friday 11th (next week). 90 minutes for your nervous system on your yoga mat for yin yoga with live sound healing with guided yin yoga.

We also have two breathwork sessions – this Friday and Saturday evening – perfect moments for connection with the self.

Plus, I want to offer you a meditation I find really special. It helps you connect to your true self. It’s so helpful removing the labels that we carry and that can weigh us down.   It’s just below.

May you flow with gracefully through December,

Meditation – Being Able to Make Authentic Choices 

  1. Get your body relaxed. Close your eyes and follow your breathing for a bit.
  2. Next, consider what you experience as your main ‘skin’. Is it the label of father or mother, sister, husband, lover, partner, boss, friend, son or daughter? Perhaps your most defining role at the moment is your job title? Anything goes. Pick the one which feels most obvious (or dare I say it, most oppressive).
  3. Sense into this skin. It will have a certain texture to it. Experience what it’s like wearing this skin for a short time.
  4. Now imagine unzipping this skin, and stepping out of it. Underneath is a fresher ‘you’. A more authentic being, closer to the real you.
  5. Relax into this experience, appreciating a new freedom
  6. If you have time repeat this practice with one or more other labels. Sense into each one. Each will have a different flavour and various degrees of palatability. Then unzip it or peel it off. Find out what’s underneath.
  7. You can do this with as many layers as you like. Until you come to something which feels close to you, divine luscious you. Touch the pure, authentic you. The you that the world deserves to see. That authentic centre that, when you move from it, allows things to flow beautifully.