Day Retreat – Early Bird Rate Closing Soon

During our June 7 in-studio day retreat you will learn all about the five energies according to yogic physiology – and experience them in practice.

If you consider our regular functioning, you’ll discover a predictable pattern. You take things in (food, water, information, experiences); then you process them one way or the other; then you absorb the nutrients or knowledge from the processing; you eliminate the stuff that you don’t need; and as a result you grow, both physically and mentally. This is an example of your five energy vayus (currents of prana) at work.

When these five energy currents function harmoniously, they assure the health and vitality of the body and mind, allowing us to enjoy our unique talents and live life with meaning and purpose.

When they are not functioning well, you will experience symptoms. Over our school hours urban retreat you will find out what’s happening to these energy centres when you have digestive upsets, like constipation or diahrroea or general unease. You will learn why some people always have cold hands and feet and others have issues with their menstruation. Find out how your practice can help you not bottle up emotions or to more freely express aspects of yourself and communicate from your heart. Learn why some practices can help you stay centred even while the swirl of life moves around you or when life feels like a hurricane meaning you need to batten down the hatches. You will find which poses help you shed waste, move on from toxic relationships or bad habits.

So, do come along if you are:

  • Interested in subtle energies.
  • You feel uncomfortable and out of whack with some areas of your body or life.
  • You feel basically ok – pretty good actually – but you are still interested in learning tweaks to temper things before they go awry – let’s call them energy life hacks.
  • You recognise that things could be flowing better in any of the following on a physical or mental level: Absorption, elimination, consolidation, fertility, your menstrual cycle, expression, circulation, expansiveness, lightness or groundedness. And you want to find out how to work with these on the yogic level.
  • You want ideas on how to shape your own personalised home practice.
  • You are interested in different ways to connect with yourself.

Over the day you will:

  • Enjoy a yoga class designed to feed and balance each of the five energy fields.
  • Learn the theory behind the five energies and find out how they apply to you, your body and how you can use it for good.
  • Practice balancing these energies using various techniques including  postures, movement, breath, sound, focus and feeling.
  • Meet new like-minded people over a yummy healthy lunch (provided)
  • Learn and practice three yoga breathing techniques designed to alter your prana.
  • Get a good rest! – Learn the theory behind yoga nidra and how it works (Yoga nidra is a very impressive scientific way to down regulate and heal) 
  • Enjoy a full 35 minute guided yoga nidra experience – blissful relaxation
  • Consolidate and reset your wishes for yourself before heading home with your new knowledge which will inform and enliven your life and allow for a better relationship with yourself.

What we practice we become, and the prana vayus help us move with awareness, compassion, balance, and integrity.

Retreat: Friday June 7th

Time: 9.15am-2.45pm
Where: Transform Studio, Balgowlah

Our Early bird rate closes May 27th. Here’s where to book at the discounted rate.