Join our group during May

Join our group  Wednesdays or Fridays during May

Our month of fundraising for Dalwood House Spilstead Services supporting families in extreme stress has kicked off and so far donations from our meditation classes have raised $435.

During our first session, we heard from the great staff at Dalwood House  a sad and unfortunately not uncommon example of the sort of cases they work with. A formally chatty 4 year old who witnessed an extreme violent event in the household, became mute and was unable to communicate.  With the help of art therapy over the past year (for which we are raising money to support) this little person has been able to start to convey these intense and confronting emotions and therefore has taken steps to clearing some of the residue of this experience. What a valuable thing to support.
We have 6 more sessions, with 5 local teachers, all themed and all inspiring. Come to one or all 6. But spaces are filling so do book your spot online.