As I write to you from lockdown, we await the January 2nd announcement and watch the local health news. We are all missing the feelings of safety we had started to take for granted.


Congratulations everyone for taking our lockdown so seriously and helping keep our community safe. Thank you, especially to those who had their Christmas plans diverted and holidays scuttled. We know it will be worth it in the end.


For those of you like me, who have ended up having a different kind of break, let’s take these quieter homebound times as chances to dream. In times of less outward movement, you can stay close to your heart. Then, at the start of this new year, you can more easily hear what it yearns for.


Promise to express your love for yourself by anointing yourself with time and space. From today, consider how you’d like to be and what you want to create for yourself.


Can I say it better than Beyonce, (clearly a pop sage!) who says


In our perfect ways.
In the ways we are beautiful.
In the ways we are human.
We are here.
Happy New Year.
Let’s make it ours.


I hope you dream and make 2021 truly yours.