The news yesterday was so disappointing isn’t it?  Many of us knew in our hearts the lockdown would go on longer but still we hoped for a release sooner than four more weeks. Instead we have another month to navigate.


Our PM yesterday afternoon was on the radio saying words to greater Sydney residents to the effect, ‘We have to hunker down and get through it’. And he’s right. But it sounds so grim and I am convinced we can set our course for an August with a better attitude.


What are your plans for August?


Did your heart just fall when you read that question?




I believe it’s possible to emerge PROUD of your lockdown experience.


I know you can do it in a way where YOU ARE NOT LETTING YOURSELF DOWN. (in your fitness choices, health and mindset)


It is absolutely do-able to know you will look back on August ’21 with some FOND MEMORIES… or many.


Here is story that inspired me this week: A beautiful member who has lost 4 kg in the last four lockdown weeks summed up lockdown beautifully this week. She stunned me by just saying ‘You either go forwards or backwards’ This remarkable woman chose to lose 1 kg a week. It’s too grim to imagine the larger clothes you might need and the stamina you can lose if that lockdown grey haze sets in and you do nothing over the next four weeks.


It’s useful to know that should you slip up over this next month you will be able to EASILY FORGIVE YOURSELF and simply begin again. I go that from one of my meditation teachers – When you lose focus, you observe that and JUST BEGIN AGAIN. I believe this ability to be kind to yourself is crucial to a life well-lived. And it keeps you prepped to be able to forgive your friends/family/colleagues when in your eyes, they err. So you can be a BETTER, CLOSER, AND LESS JUDGEMENTAL SUPPORT to them.


The trick we face now is to consciously make these days as HIGH QUALITY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. That’s almost a catch phrase my husband lives by and luckily for me, it’s catching.


At this time it’s even more important to choose activities which are wholesome and will uplift you.


Consciously consume foods which support your health and reduce sugary foods and alcohol which cause the emotional spikes.




Grab the sun when it’s there and APPRECIATE the moonlight skies and quieter city sounds.


Know what feeds you inside and STAY TOPPED  UP DAILY so that the bad stuff doesn’t accumulate.


Remember those tough times you have managed before. This helps RESTORE YOUR FAITH in the present.


Unpleasurable experiences form part of who we are and this can be in a super positive way. Everything in our lives is subject to flux. And this time will pass on by. Staying tuned up will help you react less negatively. Watching the ocean helps remind us of the ebb and flow of life.


KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT LOCKED INTO YOUR BODY.  These were Petra’s words as she began her Wednesday Yin class on Zoom. She reminded us although we are in lockdown we are not locked in our bodies.

Let’s break any ‘freeze freak out’ cycle and keep FEELING THE OPENNESS.

Open in our bodies

Open in our minds

Open in our hearts