Come home to yourself through the Chakras

The seven major centres of our electromagnetic energy fields are pathways to clarity in our lives. During this course we will use ancient meditation practices to explore each of the chakras in turn. You will learn about the qualities of each of the chakras and discover how they can help your life, right now.

Empower yourself with this  fantastic tool of self knowledge. Find new harmony and balance as you come home to yourself in a whole new way you might not have known was possible before.

You’ll find new levels of relaxation over this enjoyable Chakra Meditation course which will give you knowledge to use over the rest of your life!

Light Up Your Life! Chakra Meditation Course
Mondays 11am-12noon,  27 July 15 to 14 Sept 2015 with Louise Gilmore
Fee: $100 with your unlimited class pass or $160. Pre-booking essential.
Bookings: Email us