Oh Joy! I had the pleasure of participating in Vanessa’s Sunday afternoon yin yesterday. Her heavenly pronouncements wafted over me. It was delightful. In my bliss state something really resonated. She asked us to think of five things we were grateful for. And told us gratitude is a source of energy. And it’s true. So often we think of nourishments like food, water, good sleep as energy sources. Or I have been known to take the cheats fast-energy-then-crash version with a 3pm Kit Kat. But there are other sources: a good heart to heart with a friend, a creative pursuit, meditation, finding something you are enthusiastic about.

Deep breathing also enhances prana (this Indian word for vital force happens to be the exact same word they use for breath – the yogis had all this figured out centuries ago). This week our Friday night sister breathing circle (see below!) will give you energy if you need it.

And yes, practicing gratitude will uplift us and feed us energy. And the beautiful thing is that when we start thinking of what we are grateful for, our mind will turn in that direction and naturally what happens is you will find your attention is seduced towards the positive.
I am grateful for my family. For their health. For our resilience through the changes bought upon us by Covid. For school return which means a little more time. For the love which oozes from you – our wonderful students towards our teachers – Thank You Everyone! For the blue sky today.

So please, give yourself an energy lift now. Think of one thing you are grateful for. And one more. And three more. And see how easy it is for the mind to turn to an outward glorious spiral of positive smiling thinking. Come join me! It’s fun!