It’s my mum’s birthday this week. But since she has passed away it sadly marks another year without her. But because of this it feels like the perfect week to be hosting a wonderful event to bring motherless women together in the positive spirit of yoga to enjoy class, cuppa and cake. Just as I aim for each yoga practice I teach to be a celebration for my students of their body, mind and spirit, Transform is proud to host a special Sunday afternoon yoga class for women to connect with each other and to recognise and celebrate their own journeys onward since losing their mothers.

While grief and sadness come in different flavours, and while the textures vary though the years, motherless daughters can ‘get’ each other though this instantly deep connection so we’ll have tea and cake and conversation afterwards.

The cake part feels particularly perfect for me as I remember the fabulous birthday cakes my mum would reliably turn out when we were kids. I got to pore through her Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake cookbook each year to choose which one I wanted. Even in the 70’s mum was embracing her power with sensible time management and she did what smart working mums do, which was to buy the sponge from Colesworth. But boy did she know how to turn it into an extravaganza of themed and decorated coverings to make a child’s heart sing!

Interestingly, I am not really a cake sort of gal. It’s been a sometimes awkward and often ungainly journey of life without my mum but this year I’ve done more work on it so wonderful things have happened and right now things to do with her just feel more open and flowy.  So, for my birthday last month I chose a chocolate laced jam and cream sponge. And I relished eating it. It’s completely out of character for me to choose a sponge cake and I only realised days later it was a subconscious way of feeling her close. Grief is not the time for quinoa and kale – They just don’t cut it. So for my mum’s birthday this week I plan to enjoy another sponge, and with gusto.

A wise soul reminded me the other week how the residue of our loved ones lives on in future generations. I love how I make sure my children receive birthday cakes loaded with love too. While I am not the best baker of sweets, every year my kids will always get to choose what sort of cake they want and I love creating it for them. Seeing their eyes shine in happiness is my greatest reward. Thanks mum!