We wanted to let our community know what we are doing to support the good health of all our guests.

At this time of Coronavirus, please know that:

  • Studio cleanliness has always been important to us. We are cleaning daily and we are wiping down and disinfecting screens, bench tops, barres, sinks and door knobs regularly.
  • We are requesting any mat and hard equipment you use be sprayed down with our disinfectant sprays and wipes provided after every use by to ensure no cross contamination.  Consider buying your own mat and eyepillow (we have plenty of colours in stock).
  • Our teachers are washing their hands for 30 seconds before they start class.
  • We request our students wash their hands on arrival use upon arrival and departure for the sake of safety within the community. (for as long as it takes to sing happy birthday)
  • During class, we ask our students to stay a metre apart, and we won’t be teaching partner work for now. If you prefer not to have adjustments in class, just let your teacher know.
  • As soon as the shops have more on the shelves, we will have hand santitizers for you to use.
  • Our carpets are being steam cleaned on Saturday.
  • If you are feeling under the weather, please help protect our community and rest at home, and especially if you have recently returned from travel overseas.
  • Our teachers have these same requests.
  • If you need to blow your nose, please do so outside the building and wash your hands on entry.
  • You are welcome to bring your own towel to use over our yoga bolsters
  • Our teachers won’t be offering hands on adjustments
  • We’ve reduced our total class capacities to guarantee you have space in class.