Welcome to 2020!

At this time it feels natural time to gather your thoughts and set your compass for YOUR new year. This naturally involves consideration of how you have been feeling lately.  It opens you to follow your heart by considering what you really love doing and want more of. And it allows for the natural detox of life by figuring out how to do less of the stuff you like less.  Part of that stuff (like doing the lunchboxes) we can learn to make peace with. Delightfully, to other stuff we can just say ‘no’.
So, compared to last year, do you wish for your 2020 time to feel less compressed so you can feel more relaxed?
This year do you want to feel stronger than you did in 2019?  Like you can stand up for what will really serve you best.
Was last year clunky for you? For 2020 you want to feel more supple, so you can glide through your year with ease?
Will this year be about not living so much worrying about the future, but about taking many more mindful moments. You know these will expand the quality of presence and allow a calm aura to float around you. And when you meditate, other people WILL notice!
Will 2020 be your year for letting go of that baggage of the past? Forgiveness, acceptance and truly letting go make miracles happen. They also pave the way for gratitude which expands our horizons. (You can start by simply focussing on breathing it out with some conscious, deliberate breaths. This simple act firmly sets your intent and can really work wonders. Gratitude meditations are life changing too.)
At Transform we are so excited about this year.
In just a few days we’re launching Pilates Circuit classes. If you have been wanting to boost your cardio fitness this is the place to be.  

And the first week is free!
We are expanding our morning schedule with more 6 am and 7.30am classes
We are introducing lunch classes every day of the working week

We have introduced a new weekly aerial restorative class to complement our other earth based yin yoga classes
We will continue to continue to create beautiful ‘me time’ experiences
And we’ll your best cheerleaders to help keep you be strong and stress free during 2020.
We want you to stay strong because if feels great to be in your power
We want to help you to embrace longevity so you face your future self with confidence
We want you to enjoy a sylph-like suppleness so you float lightly through your year with grace.
We want you to truly, deeply know calm – because when you focus on fitness it helps your head clear all that other stuff.  And it will make the world a better place.
And we know about life balance – understanding it will all be over one day and you don’t want to feel the regrets of having short- changed yourself on your wellbeing.
I am sending blessings to you and your families for 2020. We can’t wait to see you on a mat or in a hammock soon! We are at your service!

Christina and the Transform Team