According to National Geographic we each have 37.2 Trillion cells in our body. They turnover all the time, which is a nice way to say your cells die but new ones are created.

I often look around towards the end of a class and wonder how many new cells my students have made during their session. I know, because you are the people who managed to get there that day, that these will be cells created with the energy of positivity. I know that these will be cells created with thoughtfulness, mindfulness, kindness and love. Cells that are made in the very spirit of cherishing of yourself. I love how Transform offers our community so many possibilities to reinvent yourself and to live your best life.

Transform is Transforming!

Just as our clients transform, the studio is taking its turn too!

In a few weeks we will close for about 5 days while we expand our studio space, put in new floors, and fresh colour. We’ll let you know these dates as soon as the they are locked in.

We will be granting access to our online classes to all our members. As well, your membership will be frozen accordingly and your timed passes will be extended.

You don’t need to do anything and we will be in touch.