Discover how to make easy Conscious practical decisions for food, lifestyle & communication with yourself and those around you.

The 5 Elements from Chinese Medicine and Philosophy is a wonderful lens in which to understand the natural cycles of the world and how seasons, food, emotions, personality types, and relationships with different people affects our mind-body health.

We all have 5 elements in and around us. This session does not focusses on on general recommendations for Food Therapy & Nutrition, Organ health, Emotional & personality tendencies, and Energetic patterns based on the 5 Elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

You will absorb a lot of really helpful information to help make excellent choices for yourself.  Bring a note book and pen

Facilitator  Kimberly Ashton is a Holistic Wellness Coach, TCM Food Therapist, and Yin Yoga Teacher.  She spent 16 years living in Asia where she co-founded China’s first health food store, kitchen classroom, and cafe. She is passionate about combining the wisdom from Chinese Medicine, the 5 Elements, Yin Yoga and modern day nutrition & lifestyle.

Saturday May 29th 2-4pm
Investment $55 (Members $50 email us for Promocode)

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