Feel Better In Your Body

This workshop is a must for anyone who sits at a desk, drives a car, does sports, carries a baby, lugs too many grocery bags at once to save that extra trip from the car, runners, surfers – everyone really!

Fascia! You may have heard this word around the studio and from instructors and therapists, but you may be wondering what fascia is and how does it affect me? You will find out all about your fascia and how you can manipulate it to feel much better in your body.

This is a self-care workshop which will give you simple tools you can take home for self myo-fascial release. When our bodies move in repetitive ranges of motion, tension becomes embedded in our tissues. Most of the time we don’t even notice it is there because it’s been there for so long. We will use trigger point release using foam bricks, trigger point balls and foam rollers to delve deep into this build up of tension and ‘webbing’. When we are able to detangle these build ups it allows our body to find a larger range of motion, increase blood flow and to function and fire correctly.

  • Targeted Releases
  • Request a Personalised Release
  • Learn Self Care for Common Problem Areas
  • Take home notes provided

You will cover the whole body using rolling, acupressure points and easy self massage techniques to learn about your body and how to reduce tension build up. The experiential workshop will have discussion time and be fun and educational for all.

We promise you will leave feeling AMAZING.
Date: Saturday Feb 22nd
Time 2:30-4:30pm
Investment: $45 (Book before 1 Feb for the Early bird discount) (Members $40)

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Facilitator:  Transform’s very own Pilates instructor and Myotherapist, Melanie Allen, will guide you through a series of releases while educating you around the how and why each time so that you have the knowledge and confidence to use them at home, and before/after class. Feel better, move better and empower you mind and body!