How Do I book a Live Stream?

Please DO check our schedule for each day of varied classes, times and teachers and do book in for the classes that interest you. Even if you can’t attend the live stream, do book in so we send you the recording!  Click the sign up now button next the class you want to watch. We will email you the link 15 minutes before class and also after class, we always send you the recording.

How Do I access the On Demand Classes?

  1. Use your computer (not the app).
  2. Log in to your account through mindbody.
  3. Click on the tab which says Online Classes.
  4.  Here you will see classes we recorded live in studio with real live students.

  5. Choose your class and it will start to play for you.You can watch as much as you like for 7 days. We are editing a few more now so you will have a few options.

Don’t forget to enable push notifications!

Don’t cut yourself off at this time. Go into your phone settings, find the Transform app and allow notifications please.