Discover your constitutional type according to this ancient (and still current) system of Indian natural medicine. You will find things will fall into place very easily in our three hours together. This knowledge is powerful. It’s healing because it will promote self understanding and therefore direct compassion and kindness towards yourself. It will smooth lots of those hiccups you notice when relating to your family, friends and colleagues.

We will cover common disease patterns of the each types and what you can do to ameliorate them. We will also look at best forms of exercise, types of work, even ideal holidays to choose as well as what, when and how to eat for your unique type. We’ll even taste a classic ayurvedic meal you can use as a detox too.

Once you understand how it all fits together you will have your own reference point.
You will be able to figure out how to re-equilibrate yourself mentally and physically when you get knocked off course, whether it be through lifestyle, health, career, relationship. This is simple knowledge but age-old and surprizingly easy to implement. Come find out about the terrific system of ayurveda and take this knowledge into the rest of your life.

Christina BrownFacilitator Christina Brown has written a book on Ayurveda (Check it out at the studio!)
Date: Sat Oct 29 2- 5pm
Fee: $70 or $58 early bird by Oct 19th.
Pre-booking essential. Click here, then forward to the week of October 29 and choose the class to and workshop payment option to book.