I am preparing for a workshop I love teaching on Saturday week. It’s on Ayurveda, which is sort of lndian sister science to yoga. And it offers us an eye opening chance to review how we have been living lately. In India it’s a five year medical degree to become an ayurvedic doctor. While I haven’t done that, I have written a book on Ayurveda and its knowledge has helped me with many life decisions for the last 20 years. It also means I have some interesting stories to tell about my time doing a cleanse in a really grotty ayurvedic hospital in India, but I will save those stories for another time….

If you are interested, read on. The early bird special ends this Saturday so book here!

What you will discover in Just 3 hours

We will learn what your unique constitutional make up is. It will be your own unique mix of the five elements. It’s called prakriti and it’s determined at birth, that time long ago when you felt perfect just as you were.  What happens though is that we sometimes live in a way that doesn’t match our natural constitutional make up, you can get sick. Say you like to live in a slow, relaxed way, but you have a job with regular, hard to meet deadlines, a new pattern will be created. Or say you are a naturally fast moving yet quick to burn out type, and you start drinking too much coffee, this too will negatively influence your natural imprint. Over time, these choices create a disharmony which becomes an illness pattern. First it might manifest mentally (We’ll look at how to recognise your particular pattern) and then it shows up physically (We’ll cover that too). So you will learn how to recognise the early signs and head them off at the pass.

Ayurveda is smart. It literally means, the wisdom of life. I find it fascinating that according to Ayurveda there are 6 stages of disease. While western medicine often doesn’t find anything measurable to actually diagnose until stage number 4, ayurvedic wisdom helps us acknowledge the changes from the very beginning. Of course it‘s much easier to nip something in the bud than tackle it once it’s established as a chronic illness.

There are the larger life events and those things that while smaller, still regularly impact on our quality of life. Even things that come up that you might take as the usual course of life events, like a cold, will have their own characteristics so you can learn how to better handle them according to the doshas. We will look, for example at several distinct patterns of headaches, indigestion and PMT. As soon as you know which is yours – Bingo! – You can take simple and easy steps to improve the situation.

Ayurveda holds to the keys to self-understanding and when you truly know yourself, you can honour your needs and live in a way that is consistent with them. Many of the steps to take are really simple. Then you will stay healthier. And happier. And what’s not to like about that?

Relationship Help

Besides that, you will earn how to be more patient and loving with those around you. I can promise you will use this knowledge FOR LIFE. You will better able to help support those around you as they follow their particular path. And You will feel more easily forgiving of other people’s foibles and of your own. It’s a marriage saver and a relationship enhancer.

So join our group on Saturday, October 29 at 2pm. Book here and save $12 this week-