How many of you out there have the perfect office set-up? It’s been assessed, the desk is at the right height, the chair is just so and your wrist placement perfect. But somehow you still get a sore neck, headaches and achy shoulders.


Now don’t get us wrong. We know it’s important to get your ergonomic set-up right. It’s just that it is only one part of the whole picture to your neck and shoulder issues. The missing ingredient here is MOVEMENT.

Our bodies love it, thrive on it, NEED it, and what is the one thing we are depriving ourselves most of when we have a deadline and remain in one position for hours on end? You guessed it, movement.

Now maybe you can’t change that deadline but if you take a few minutes every hour (yes, you heard us right, every hour) to stretch, rotate and generally wiggle around you will give your body a flushing of blood, oil those those nerves and joints and drive some feel good hormones around your body that will not only help you feel good but increase your concentration, mental clarity and maybe get that work in before the looming deadline.

The next time you find yourself squinting at the screen and feeling like you either need to get an eye test for new glasses. Interlock your fingers and place them behind you head. Tuck your chin slightly and press your head back into your hands.

This will help relieve and lengthen the sub- occipital muscles that are connecting your skull and top of your neck. These are muscles often involved in tension headaches and those headaches that feel like they are in the back of your eyes. Repeat 6-8 times holding the stretch for 10 seconds. And for good measure, take some deep belly breaths while doing it.  There. Does that already feel better?!


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