A Full Exploration of the Possibilities of Aerial.
Understand the Self with Yoga Philosophy 

We will open with an Active Aerial class. This 75 minute session will be full of the inversions, tricks and flips that tweens and teens adore. Then Christina will offer a short informative session on exactly how yoga and aerial practices affect the two nervous systems (sympathetic and parasympathetic) and how to keep the nervous system in healthy balance.

After a teabreak of healthy snacks and herb tea (provided.)  We will resume to talk about the five layers that compose us (the koshas) according to yoga physiology.  We will outline some steps to help move from being who we THINK we are (that more solidified, distinct, specific form of yourself and the part that holds anxieties and tensions) to who you REALLY are.  We will speak about ways to feel the essence of purity that you really are: the stress-free part that is eternal, unchanging, and that feels really good to touch into.

One way to access this experience is through relaxation, so the final half of the workshop will be about down-regulating. The second aerial class will be a restorative yin yoga experience, where the hammocks are lower the ground. This 75 minute experience will include longer holds, offering time for breathwork, and deep stretches to release muscle tension and improve suppleness.  This class will pave the way for the final event, which will integrate the theoretical part of the day with the practical.  A 30 minute guided yoga nidra which works through and ‘feeds’ each of the five koshas and means yoga nidra is a really excellent ‘scientific’ way to relax.

Yoga nidra is an excellent energy enhancer for long study sessions. And it’s a wonderfully healing way to connect in with yourself which in turn will soothe anxiety and boost the mood. Yoga nidra is an easily accessible bridge to developing a deep love and appreciation of yourself, and to feeling pure in spirit with that inner knowing that things are good just as they are. Each Participant will come away with their own resources to repeat this practice at home.

Date: Wed 15th Jan
Time: 1.30pm to 6 pm
For: Ages 10-20 yrs
Investment: $55
Facilitator: Christina Brown
Where: Transform Yoga Pilates Barre Balgowlah

Booking: Online preferred or call  0402 970 020. This workshop has limited spaces so early booking is advised.