“I can’t exercise at home”

With social distancing in place a few clients have expressed their concerns about the idea of a live stream class. “I have two kids and a three bedroom flat so I can’t exercise’ or this feeling, “It’s not the same as in the studio.”

We agree, it’s not the same but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good. And since things won’t be the same for a while to come, we need to strap ourselves in and grab what is there to support ourselves with good health and mental wellbeing. And some of our students have already found the differences better with their Transform at Home Live Streams.

“My first live stream was super. So lovely to do an uplifting class from the comfort of home and even more so in these strange times. It’s so great to get an unrestricted view of the teacher, the best seat in the house. It was such a nurturing class and the breathing was really good for me”

10 Reasons Why

  • You can do it in your PJ’s
  • You can ‘do it’ with us or any time and as many times as you like later using our recorded option.
  • If you are distracted mid class by those dirty dishes in the sink, use that awareness to redouble your efforts to give yourself this valuable time.
  • Pandemic fitness might be the time you finally start waiting for conditions to be perfect to allow yourself to feel good.
  • We are offering family friendly classes too (see this Friday’s 30 minute Pilates Family Friendly class. 12.15pm gives you all a break if you are home with kids and stay tuned for more exciting family style class options coming up.)
  • If you want to chat before we start we can have a check in and keep feeling connected. We only start recording once the teacher starts teaching.
  • You don’t have to get in car after corpse pose.
  • Pre-booking means you give yourself some accountability and at Transform we know that helps lots of people when it comes to exercise
  • Manage cabin fever by giving your day structure, meaning and purpose.
  • Exercise helps you sleep better, manage your mood, boosts ability to fight viruses and reduces stress.
  • Regular exercise makes it easier for you to be that nice person you are.
  • We get to meet your dogs (ok, that’s 11 reasons why)

“It was a great session this morning too, this will help so many people through this time. It’s fabulous.” – Steph