Looking and feeling radiantly alive requires an unobstructed flow of the prana (life-force) within. Join us for a day of theory and practice to explore the various ways energy moves within you. Discover ways to strengthen and direct your inner energies to maximise your potential.

What they said about our last day retreat:

‘Changed my life for the better!’

‘Thank you for a fabulous day of retreat – making self knowledge and different forms of yoga available to us in an urban setting is so valuable for women who have busy lives and can’t always take a week off for retreat.’

‘Would recommend to anyone. Great variety of exercise, and information, good food and great company.’

We all want that feeling of being in balance. That’s because being off balance feels uncomfortable. And like Goldilocks, we know how it feels when we experience that sweet spot where everything is “just right”, and we are in what is commonly known as the ‘flow state’. According to positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the flow state is defined as an “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.” So, how can we utilise the tools & techniques of yoga to access a state of balance in both mind & body on a reliable basis?

Learning about the 5 Pranas or ways energy moves within the body, we can discover ways we may habitually prefer or actively encourage the subtle life force to move within us, and explore ways to support our energy to flow more freely. In other words, we can find out how to appropriately challenge our habitual preferences! And with this awareness we create change.

Creating balance – whether that is a work/ life balance, a family/me balance, or simply a balanced outlook on life, requires intention & practice. We all have preferences, likes and dislikes, which, over time, gradually create imbalances – some of them more healthy than others. Ever tried encouraging your kids to eat more veggies and less ice cream? Ever needed to rebalance your diet towards wholesomeness. Or are you seaking a better work/ life balance for yourself?

Using the yogic tools of yoga postures and breathing practices) can have a powerful effect on opening up the subtle energetic pathways within & have an energising or relaxing effect, depending on which practices we choose. Overall, learning about the prana vayus gives us greater choice and vitality.

Join yoga teacher and philosopher Mischa Telford and Transform Founder and Bestselling Author Christina Brown for this day or balance, renewal and reinvigoration.

Over the day, you will:

  • Enjoy an energy balancing yoga session
  • Learn about the five different pranas operating in your body.
  • Practice balancing them using movement, intention and Sanskrit
  • Meet new like-minded people over a yummy healthy lunch (provided)
  • Practice three yoga breathing techniques designed to alter your prana.
  • Learn the theory behind yoga nidra and how it works (Yoga nidra a very impressive scientific way to down regulate and heal) 
  • Enjoy a full 35 minute guided yoga nidra experience – blissful relaxation
  • Reset your wishes for yourself for your months and years ahead
  • Head home with your heart full of love, your mind calm, ready to spread joy to your loved ones and beyond.
‘It was really joyful and meaningful and relaxing. Thank you!’

‘It was such an indulgence to spend a whole day practicing yoga, learning some philosophy and sharing some delicious food with some wonderful souls. I felt replenished. X’

‘An enjoyable day filled with insight and care.’


Mischa Telford. A yoga teacher for 18 years, Mischa has a multitude of qualifications including a Post Graduate Diploma of Yoga Therapy and Advanced Diploma of Gestalt Psychotherapy. Mischa is a stunning example of someone who lives guided by the principles of yoga philosophy. You can find out more at www.earthskyyoga.com.au    

Christina Brown – Bestselling Author and teacher for 24 years. Yoga retreats led by Christina have been voted ‘Best in NSW’. Christina sees each person as perfect already and understands that sometimes their busy lives get in the way of clearly experiencing that feeling. This retreat is an opportunity for you to experience a connection that will soothe your heart into peace and allow you to greet the world with wonder and joy.

Date: Friday  June 7th
Time: 9.15am -2.45pm
Where: Transform Studio in Balgowlah

Investment (includes a delicious healthy lunch): $150
$130 members and early bird by May 27th

$0 – This retreat is complementary for any of our VIP or Gold members who have referred a friend to become a VIP or Gold Member during Jan- June (and  your friend is invited for free too!). Please book by May 27th.